Walle leads fundraising for signage on Almendarez’ Memorial Highway

HARRIS COUNTY – In 2023, Rep. Armando Walle and Sen. Carol Alvarado passed SB 957 to designate a portion of United States Highway 59 in Harris County as the Deputy Darren Almendarez Memorial Highway.

The name change honors the life of Deputy Almendarez of Houston, who was shot and killed last spring while off-duty when he found three men attempting to steal a catalytic converter from his vehicle.

Flor Zarzoza, Deputy Almendarez’ widow, has led efforts alongside the Harris County Deputies’ Organization (HCDO) to fundraise for the signs. The Texas Department of Transportation has estimated the signs will cost $40,000.

Rep. Walle, Sen. Alvarado, Zarzoza and David Cuevas of the HCDO released the following joint statement on the effort:

“Deputy Sheriff Almendarez was a pillar of our community and we are honored to memorialize his life of service with these signs.

“By opening this fundraising campaign to the community, we hope to ensure that all who knew and cherished Darren have the chance to participate, allowing anyone who wishes to honor his legacy the opportunity to do so.”

Donations may be made online with the Harris County Deputies’ Organization at https://www.hcdoadf.com/.

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