Spelling Bees held at Johnson Elementary

English Spelling Bee winners Angelica Padron and Runner-up Monica Martinez

Johnson Elementary held its annual English spelling bee January 25th. Thirty-one participants frofrom 1st-4th grade competed 17 rounds before a winner was declared.

Angelica Padron, 4th grader from Ms. Bailey’s class was the spelling bee champion, and Monica Martinez, 2nd grader from Ms. Riley’s class was runner-up. Angelica represented Johnson in the district competition.

Johnson’s bilingual spelling bee was held Februaru 22nd. This challenging contest requires the participants spell a word in Spanish, translate it, and then spel1 it in English. The three winners were Irma McCoy from Mr. Rowsey’s 4th grade class, Marisol Montoya from Ms. Mikkelsen’s 4th grade class, and Maria Morales from Ms. Garcia’s 3rd grade class. These students will represent Johnson Elementary March 26th at the district wide bilingual spelling bee.