Outdoor World Loses Bob Stephenson, Jr.

Prominent outdoor journalist Bob Stephenson, Jr., 59, lost his long battle with cancer on May 24, 2002. Bob was the long-time radio host of “The Bob Stephenson Outdoor Show.” Along with his father, Bob, Sr., the Stephensons have produced the early morning radio show for over 30 years. It is the longest continuously running radio show in America. For the last 18 years, the show has been aired on KILT (610 AM). The station plans to continue airing the popular show.

Bob, Jr., a native Houstonian, was a dedicated conservationist and had a life-long passion for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. One of his life’s pleasures was any chance to introduce youngsters to the excitement of the outdoors.

Over the years, Bob, Jr. received many awards for his broadcast excellence. The latest honor was the L.A. Wilke Award presented to him by the Texas Outdoor Writer’s Association at their annual convention earlier this year in Amarillo.

The Wilke Award represents the highest recognition given by TOWA for contributions to outdoor journalism. His father, Bob Stephenson, Sr., has also received the award, making them the only father & son recipients.

Campfires around Texas will glow a little brighter because of Bob Stephenson, Jr.’s numerous contributions to the outdoor world.