Castlewood marks completion of Drainage Project with Ribbon Cutting

EAST ALDINE – Harris County Precinct 2 marked the completion of the Castlewood Drainage Improvement project with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Prior to the project, the Castlewood community’s outdated drainage systems could not drain rainwater efficiently to reduce flood risks. The groundbreaking was 14 months ago, and the project is now complete.

The $12.3 million improvements provide 2.o miles of improved roadway, 5-foot sidewalks with ADA ramps, and new underground storm sewer systems designed for the 100-year storm events.

Partners in the project were Harris County Precinct 2, Commissioner Adrian Garcia, East Aldine District, HC Engineering Department, HC Flood Control District, HC Community Services Department, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Residents of Castlewood that provided feedback to the county were Connie Esparza, president of the Civic Club, Wayne Mitchell, Concepcion Herrera, Jose Jimenez, and Beatriz Fernandez.