Chairman Silva’s VISION for East Aldine

At the East Aldine Board Retreat, Chairman Carlos Silva presented a series of initiatives as his vision for the future of the District. The list is as follows:

–Cleaner, greener, safer cultural district

–Increase Sheriff’s Contract deputies by 30% to 50% in next 5 years

–Become a beacon of opportunity, hard work, and self-expression

–Become a Tourist destination and “Doorway to Houston”

–An arts powerhouse with both Visual and Performing arts center

–Network of art trails on our bayous

–Expansion of Town Center to Aldine-Westfield

–A nationally/ internationally recognized Art Park at Keith-Weiss Park

–Have a collection of David Adickes heads in Keith-Weiss Park near Rec Center/Town Center

–Add wayfinding signs to the District, tie in APP/QR codes with Visitor Center

–East Aldine Museum

–A list of all restaurants by category and review with a “food critic”

–Developing low-cost/rent-free boutique shops and studios as incubators for young business people

–Host the largest Dia de los Muertos parade and festival in the city

–Have a trail of lights type show at Christmas

–July 4th Holiday fireworks

–Have a Plaza Aldine at Town Center with shops, boutiques, food carts, grocery anchor

–More single family houses built

–Amenities such as frozen yogurt, small cinema, international brand taqueria, arcade

–More streetlights in neighborhoods and streets

–Walkway over Aldine Mail Route to MacArthur High School

–Build out South side of East Aldine or Central East Aldine with Farmers Market and small center and/or repository of resources

–Aldine-Westfield expansion

–Guiness Book of World record title holder for something in the District

–Scholarship grant for every graduate as “seed” money for their future

–Continued growth with the TIRZ to keep adding water/sewer infrastructure

–Network of art throughout the District that connects us as a people and also reflects our pride which in turn connects us with our visitors

The East Aldine District is also interested in the public’s thoughts and ideas on the future needs and goals within the District. You may forward your suggestions and comments to Carlos at

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