Mendel students are big winners

Last Spring Jackie Ridgeway, a fourth grade teacher at Mendel Elementary was reading the Mini-Pages, a section for children in the Houston Chronicle. She noticed a contest available to schools who were interested in conducting a survey among the students. The contest was a survey of their favorite fad, favorite sports figures, favorite T.V. and movie stars and favorite T.V. programs.

Mrs. Ridgeway surveyed the entire student body and compiled the results. She also included a letter of explanation why Mendel Elementary students should win this contest. In November, she received a phone call from Washington D.C. informing her that Mendel Elementary was the winner. The school survey and letter had been chosen the best from the entire nation. The Houston Chronicle sent a photographer, who took pictures of the students. The article will be featured in the Mini-Page section the last weekend in December. Congratulations to the student body at Mendel Elementary and to Mrs. Ridgeway from the faculty and staff. Mrs. Jamie DeGeorge is the principal.

Students from left to right front row: Zacariah Montes, Mrs. Jacqueline Ridgeway, teacher, Andriana Perales, Yessica Valdez. Second row: Frederick Roberts, Yaznid Hurtado, Lakesha Lafayette, Christina Uribe, Joaquin Longoria, Karina Reynosa, Neftaly Cervantes, Isaac Ruiz, Gerardo Burciaga. Top row: Raed Hernandez, Leslie Guevara, Salena Damian, Yessica Coronado, Antonio Duran, Miguel Martinez and Kassandra Cazares.