Greens Bayou Coalition cleans up, plants trees


Volunteers from Halliburton, Centerpoint, and East Aldine gathered at the end of a street off Aldine-Westfield last Saturday morning, to continue the work of the Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition to improve our waterways.

These 50 or more people planted over 65 trees, and collected a truck-load of trash from the bayou, leaving it fresher and greener than ever.

Executive Director of the GBCC, Jill Bullion, was pleased with the results, and thanked everyone for their dedication and hard work.

The bayou is 45 miles long, and consists of four sections or “reaches” that get scheduled for clean-ups on a rotating basis. Volunteers and sponsors are always welcome, Bullion said. Tents and trash hauling were provided by the East Aldine District, and volunteers had water and shirts provided too.